The new year is here! A time for folks to take stock of where they are and what they want to see change. For many, this is shown in a barrage of temporary resolutions and blog posts. But why not make a lasting resolution this year? Make this the year that you finally find that new job. And don’t worry, Hughes can help.

We will help you find that dream job.

Feel like your in a job that just isn’t right for you? At the Hughes Agency, we specialize in connecting employee with employer. We want you to succeed, and our proven process is designed to ensure just that. We will look at your skills and experience to find the perfect placement for you. And if it’s not working out? No worries, we will continue our search until we find something that fits.

Now is the time!

There is a time and a season for just about everything in life. Whether its lake days in the summer or pumpkin themed drinks in the winter, everything has a time that works the best. Sometimes finding jobs is the same way! Studies have shown that businesses are most eager for new employees in the months of January and February. We will find that perfect position for you, so you don’t even have to look!

Happy New Year

This new year we wish you the very best on all of your endeavors. And remember if this is finally the year for your new job, let Hughes take the stress out of finding it! New year, new job, new you! Heres to 2019!

You can start the process today by filling out an application. You’re just a few steps away from finding the right job for you. We look forward to hearing from you!