Since the hiring process can be difficult and time consuming, it is important to keep high employee retention levels. Once you’ve gone through the hiring process and found a great fit, you’ll want your new hire(s) to stay around for the long haul. Some employee retention methods can be costly, however some can be simple and affordable. We’re recommending three low-cost employee retention methods to get you started.

Invest in Your Team

People tend to stick with companies that provide growth. Some great ways to invest in your team include: purchasing leadership books, providing free access to educational courses or offering promotions to hard working employees. Once an employee sees that there is room to grow with your business the likelihood of them staying for the long-term rises. It’s a great turn out for both parties.

Provide Positive Affirmation

Looking for a method that’s free and takes very little amount of time? Recognizing your employees for their efforts can go a long way. Saying “thank you” or “nice job” can make your employees feel seen and appreciated. Showing gratitude to your employees can lead to them showing loyalty in return.

Hire The Right People

Hiring the right people can be tough when you’re a busy business owner. Handing over the hiring process to a hiring agency such as The Hughes Agency will help you find the right fit for you company. We take the time to learn about your open position and present you with the best candidates. By having people on your side that are dedicated to finding you qualified employees you’ll cut down the chance of hiring the wrong people

It is just as important for your employees to be happy with their work environment as you are with their work. Making the feel low-cost changes can really spike the employee retention within your business. Start putting these methods to the test to keep employee turn-over low, save money and create a happy workspace.