It happens in every business. You met a person who had an amazing resume and aced the interview process. You then made what you believed was a smart decision to hire them only to find out a little later that they weren’t a good fit for your company after all. This leaves you with the dilemma of either being stuck with an employee who can’t do the work or having to start the hiring process over from scratch. 

This is a case where hiring a staffing agency such as The Hughes Agency is to your benefit. For starters, hires are put on our payroll. This will allow you to test the waters. If with provide you with an employee that you love and has proven to you that they can get the work done you can offer them a permanent job offer at your company. We will then transfer the payroll responsibility to you. 

In the case one of our hires aren’t the best fit for your business, let us know! We will cover them through our insurance; this includes workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. We’ll also be happy to find you a better fit. This makes the hiring process less risky for you.

Working with us as a hiring agency allows you to determine if the applicant is the right fit for your company at a low risk to you. We’ll help you through the entire hiring process. Contact us to discuss your open positions!