In a perfect world, finding a qualified new hire would be as easy as saying “yes” to the first resume. Unfortunately, the reality of the hiring process includes a large stack of resumes, several phone calls and setting aside time to conduct multiple interviews. In some cases, even after all of that, you may not find the perfect fit. Hiring a staffing agency such as The Hughes Agency saves time and money.

Save Money on Pre – Screening 

Testing takes time and money. You can save both by transferring the responsibility to us. We administer drug tests,criminal background check, reference checks, and skills testing to find you the right candidate. We’ll also take care of the application process and all legal paperwork, such as the I-9. This way, the candidate will come to you ready to work.

Save Money on Payroll

Before you make a commitment to hire the employee for good, we’ll put the employee on our payroll and cover them through our insurance. If you decide you’d like to move forward with the employee and give them a permanent position, we can simply transfer the payroll responsibility to you. If things don’t work out, we also cover workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.

Finding the right candidate for your business shouldn’t cost you tons of time and money. At The Hughes Agency, we are dedicated to making your life easier by handing your hiring process so that you can focus on your other obligations. Have a job opening? Contact us now to get started looking for the perfect match for your company.