Making the decision to learn a trade skill or earn a degree can leave you at a crossroads. Both options can lead to fulfilling careers with nice salaries, but which one is right for you? When in doubt, make a comparison.

Shorter Completion Time

Getting a trade skill might be the perfect start to a bright future if you’re looking for a fast paced education. At a 4 year-college, you’re required to take general education courses. These courses add to the length of gaining your degree. However, at a trade school you’re allowed to jump right into your field of study. This decreases your time spent in the school completion time. Time to graduate from a trade school typically take between a few months and up to 2 years.

Make Great Money

Even with a shorter completion time, professionals with trade skills can make just as much or more money than those with a degree. While a traditional 4 year college education is often promoted as a means to obtaining a high-paying career, trade skills can also lead to such careers. In the long run, trade schools can also save you tons of money on student loans.

While making your decision, be sure to ask yourself what careers sparks your interest. Some careers, such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer, require academic degrees in order to obtain. If you’re interested in more hands-on careers, such as an HVAC technician or construction manager, then trade school is right for you.